and also in Brussels....

I met two boys on the street. they tried to sell me their latest hip hop cd. I asked them to do me a spontaneous freestyle about the Rhine. well, so they did.


some old russian ladies explain me how grateful they are to Europe....


tourists, friends, baggers, romanian musicians, "where do you come from? venezuela....oh, there’s no Rhine in there? i’m sorry, no...." second hand shops, streets, 10 minutes of dancing in an experimental music club with an old sailor, "i’m idea about the Rhine", "le Rhine c’est super bien".....

if you want brown sugar, we have white sugar.

coffee in the morning and some yoga moves. the morning is most of the time late, but the Atomium will be there mostly the whole "time".

I try to remember India and I buy some indian food on the beach of Brussels.... it doesn’t taste so good and I burn my mouth. Alice will definitely burn in her wonderlands, while eating some belgian home food. the wires will be the problem of my residence... what kind of wires do I need when I have to connect my laptop and make it sound loud? no no no idea.... I probably am not the best image for an experimental sound artist, coming to the performing place with a fucked up laptop and some books about Alice, haiku and nepalese lessons...... like Alice, I am trying to find some good sounding cookies to make me grow larger and larger.... finally, somebody helps me with the wire and a microphone comes up. I won’t be anymore a cat without a grin.

"and the things became curioser and curioser".