on the way to Antwerpen, I had to broadcast from the boat for my romanian radio, while the engine was running loud. hopefully some of the people from Romania understood what I tried to say....

from the very first moments in Anvers, I found out that some of my new boat colleagues are some ffffffffamous porn stars (hahahaaa).

...together with my romanian musician fellow, we get lost in the city. suddenly we realise.... no idea about the adress we have to go back to. and on the telephone we knew, nobody answered. as I had a "right obsession", Catalin concludes saying "we haven’t been this way". and so it was: the "right" way was on the left side.

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the big house from Anvers is full with people. here also... it looks like everybody has a specified plan about recording, mixing, working, laughing, speaking, not talking, being polite or not, eating, coffee’ing, behaving. and by the way: the city is, anyway, beautiful.

Antwerpen was for me like the name of the house we’ve been staying in: "air"..... one week just flewuuuuuuuuuu. out of nowhere it was monday and Netherlands feelings started to come closer to us.

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the dummies in the shops made me feel as walking all the time through a red light district of the human emotions. all for sale, everything for sale, everything is known, you can buy the attitude, the clothes, the smile, the hands and the rings to prove that you’re employee, engaged, enlightened. I spent hours after hours in front of the shops windows, taking photographs of those amazing (mind blowing, nice, beautiful, simply bullshit) duuuuummmiessssssssss.

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in the while, I tried the beer, the local wine, the local church and, the most amazing! the record shop without computer!!!!! thousands of vinyls gathered there only through the power of some small announcements in the newspapers. the woman who talked to me had the look of a quiet janis joplin. she was a "computer widow" but she went through the "computer rehab" and, at almost 50 years she was fresh, foxy and full with vinyls.

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the tunnel: the most beautiful group experience with field-recording.

the parties: well....sometimes, maybe too laud?

the jam sessions: ROCCCCK!!!!!!

the food: might be.....

the sex: .....

the drogs:?

the dogs: Castro was perfect! viva el chien andalouse!

the fame: New York is not the place or experimental music could not be the right word for it..... or for me. Phil Niblock is a person to have the answer, but maybe you’ll ask somebody else before him.

the books: de la Nature de choses. Lucretiu and Honderd jaar eenzaamheid. Marquez....

the tent: mirrors the analog. wonders of technology and sound system.

the language: tyivqpwerb qwervv vqger qwertqwyerui2384776bwer ha

the magic: was gone.

the Rhine?

still there.