it smells like clichés.

one vietnamese boy explains me what good friends are: "if I want to dance, I call my friend and I tell him: let’s go out, but it’s monday? doesn’t matter... ok, let’s go out!"

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one woman from an unknown country for me (Surinam) tells me that her daughter is borned alsmost in the same day as I am and almost in the same year".

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one unexpected visit.

one says stories.

one.chaos.for everyone.

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in Rotterdam the dummies are still there. while the black people turn their dreadlocks on each corner, one might find a piano player ready to give an ad-hoc concert.... he might be drunk and he might want to fuck you, but he’s also part of the Carnaval, isn’t he? between Chopin and Schumann and Ch....Rachmaninov (chaos), there are some days for listening, thinking, walking, talking, thinking, finding, seeking SOME OTHER MUSIC.ssssssssssssssh

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the clichés are still there... for me and for you and for the rest of the world to take them away and put them into a green bag with the illegal sound-sign on it. egal what one might hear. ill from the society. legal from the languages. lethal. gal... allllll.

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there’s not much to say about Rotterdam..... the train station is on it’s place, the underground works quite good, the people speak most of the time dutch, well, there are also some water channels, some windows, of course and some streets, corners, as well as in any other city. it’s a normal city, actually.... it might sound not real, but so it is. well, this should prepare you to go in Rotterdam.... so, when you’ll go on the street and you’ll meet to chaos in person, you might not afraid or scared or disturbed. ’cause there is space enough for this experience, also, in Rotterdam. you’ll never know when the moment will come for you to put the headphones away and to enter directly into a mass of people, sounding people, speakers, colours, moves and drogs, existence and, mm, not... some of them were falling. let’s click them in a picture! some of them were laughing laud and some were even crying. it was a dance parade through the city, disturbing the calm life and the dreadlocked stairs. with our headphones, we shared a strange world..... interrupted. damaged. ignored. saved.

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