it´s really hard to write a story about the Rhine right now. how does, actually, the Rhine sound? why it sounds like this? is the Rhine just a "concept" that only the cultivated people might know? is it a symbol of Europe? are there people how doesn´t know about it?

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if Heine wrote his Lorelei, wouldn´t it be possible to do some modern poetry around the idea of Rhine? maybe freestyle, on the street, after the very first moment hen the name of Rhine was to be heard.

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I´m searching for the Rhine.... where? how? in Brussels, z.B. can I find it there? in a geographical way of speaking, no.

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the questions about the existence of Rhine and maybe only about its existence in our imagination concern me those days. the presence of Rhine in Europe? for me - Lorelei. for the people who live on its sides - an every day walk to school, university, job. for the others - pollution.

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can Rhine mean Lucretiu, Tagore, psichanalyse, friendship, magic, nationality, languages, societies? can Rhine mean "one century of solitude"? translations?

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after a couple of days spent on the Rhine boat, I understood the only way to find a Rhine for me is to ask my own questions about it. these are some sounding ones.