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the second article for this blog takes the trip further on. my thoughts round about knowing and not knowing.... I see very clearly how my travelling experience influence the things I do. for example, I didn´t dare to be strong on stage until I saw the performances of Joaquim. on the other hand, I didn´t think of adapting the sounds of a sexual act for another performance, until I spent a couple of extremely full days in this group.

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the invisible cities come along.

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social problems, moments of almost magic, surreal people, shops with thousands of vinyls but without computers, a city where one has the factories, the churches, the Rhine and the cranes on the same level of feelinbeing.

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Anvers had for me the eyes of the dummies in the windows of the shops, the hands of the cranes, the mouth full with french, the ears of the one who wants to hear, hears something, not exactly what he/she wanted, explores, it´s quite interesting, goes further, stops, museum, sounds, noise, performance baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.

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the dinner is ready, let´s all go and eat, behind us, the Rhine flows. we, leting ourselves to be and only be in our small artistic group, we don´t pay attention to it. the rain.... the tango.... the lost. minutes. wine. why? and beers melting chocolate in front of the gotic church while sky.....

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I danced on the sides of Rhine, with an opened umbrella, causing an unexpected fight between Frank Sinatra and Frank Zappa, one might say they are both dead, that might be true, still it isn´t. the umbrella didn´t bake because of itself.

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carefully, the bridges go up and down. nobody really knows if they let the ships to pass or if they only follow a movement they knew since somebody put them in a certain but out of poetry place.