because here it´s raining and because I feel it´s time to write about this project.

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be is the cause before four a´clock in the morning to come and t to become one om, om mani padme hum or any other.

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tasting the parts of time that are happening, suddenly one gets to conclude, imaginary speaking, because in reality there is no way to a conclusion or to another, the floating of one movement towards another is the effect that one gets when bees and buzzzz go together.

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I let the dummies in the windows tell me once again and once another gain, the story of the stollen feelings from the soul of the first and from the wings of birds who eat flying like we eat lines of metros.

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I wake up in the morning and all the sounds I heard before, turn into a reality, I wouldn´t call it reality, really, even if it comes from me and it goes out, outside, outkast, oututututut, ut being the first sound in a forgotten key.

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silence and noise come together in this rotterdamnation place where we ended now. streets meet corners and when they do, sound becomes silence and when suddenly silence length a hand to the message, turns into the big bigotic and narcotic noise.

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let it be random rain and let be to believe the longitudinal difference between then and eleven o´clock in the evening.

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gardens, beds and british accent.


greetings, thankings, givingoding.

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intelligent corners of testosterone.