Maria Balabas 2008-08-22T14:09:30Z eighth 2008-08-22T14:09:30Z 2008-08-22T14:09:30Z Rotterdam it smells like clichés. one vietnamese boy explains me what good friends are: "if I want to dance, I call my friend and I tell him: let's go out, but it's monday? doesn't matter... ok, let's go out!" one woman from an unknown country for me (Surinam) tells me that her daughter is borned alsmost in the same day as I am and almost in the same year". one unexpected visit. one says stories. one.chaos.for everyone. in Rotterdam the dummies are still there. while the black (...) Maria Balabas seventh 2008-08-22T13:14:18Z 2008-08-22T13:14:18Z let's get naked in the forest let's get naked in the forest after one full day of boat-rhine-ride, we find a small path through a forest, near a small city in Netherlands. naked in the forest..... should be the next funky shit hit from an ad-hoc band, also called "naked in the forest". is this experimental? or is this enough.....?!?! silence.... clean and silent. clean, silent and full with rich people. luxury boats. no coffee shops, unfortunately..... ruins from a dead war. we drink (...) Maria Balabas sixth 2008-08-22T12:41:37Z 2008-08-22T12:41:37Z Antwerpen on the way to Antwerpen, I had to broadcast from the boat for my romanian radio, while the engine was running loud. hopefully some of the people from Romania understood what I tried to say.... from the very first moments in Anvers, I found out that some of my new boat colleagues are some ffffffffamous porn stars (hahahaaa). ...together with my romanian musician fellow, we get lost in the city. suddenly we realise.... no idea about the adress we have to go back to. and on the (...) Maria Balabas fifth 2008-08-22T11:59:48Z 2008-08-22T11:59:48Z and also in Brussels.... I met two boys on the street. they tried to sell me their latest hip hop cd. I asked them to do me a spontaneous freestyle about the Rhine. well, so they did. IMG/mp3/rhine_hip_hop-2.mp3 some old russian ladies explain me how grateful they are to Europe.... IMG/mp3/doamne_ruse.mp3 tourists, friends, baggers, romanian musicians, "where do you come from? venezuela....oh, (...) Maria Balabas forth 2008-08-22T11:24:39Z 2008-08-22T11:24:39Z so.... once again about dummies and african feelings, while sounds and memories.... without any logical order, let me fragmented, chaotic and still laughing, tell you something about my european sound delta. Brussels "is he a mafioso?" I asked Nicolas when he texted me that an italian looking guy will come and pick me up from the train station. well.... Olivier wasn't really a person to deal with the mafia, but more a smiling and nice sailor man. I wouldn't picture him making dirty (...) Maria Balabas third 2008-08-07T12:04:57Z 2008-08-07T12:04:57Z because here it´s raining and because I feel it´s time to write about this project. be is the cause before four a´clock in the morning to come and t to become one om, om mani padme hum or any other. tasting the parts of time that are happening, suddenly one gets to conclude, imaginary speaking, because in reality there is no way to a conclusion or to another, the floating of one movement towards another is the effect that one gets when bees and buzzzz go (...) Maria Balabas second 2008-08-06T15:22:10Z 2008-08-06T15:22:10Z the second article for this blog takes the trip further on. my thoughts round about knowing and not knowing.... I see very clearly how my travelling experience influence the things I do. for example, I didn´t dare to be strong on stage until I saw the performances of Joaquim. on the other hand, I didn´t think of adapting the sounds of a sexual act for another performance, until I spent a couple of extremely full days in this group. the invisible cities come (...) Maria Balabas first one 2008-07-31T10:23:24Z 2008-07-31T10:23:24Z it´s really hard to write a story about the Rhine right now. how does, actually, the Rhine sound? why it sounds like this? is the Rhine just a "concept" that only the cultivated people might know? is it a symbol of Europe? are there people how doesn´t know about it? if Heine wrote his Lorelei, wouldn´t it be possible to do some modern poetry around the idea of Rhine? maybe freestyle, on the street, after the very first moment hen the name of Rhine was to be heard. I´m searching for the (...) Maria Balabas